The Best Practices In Digital Marketing And How It Evolved Over The Years

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For any new business, marketing and promotion are integral to its growth. Traditional marketing strategies are slowly becoming redundant and digital marketing is the king now. Digital marketing is a promotional tactic that utilizes internet technology for marketing and advertising purposes.

Everything from in-page advertisements on websites to advertisements on social media is a part of digital marketing. As most of the potential buyers are online today, it is necessary to promote a business, brand or company on the internet.

Understand SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization refers to the process of gaining increased traffic on the website by getting higher and better results on search engines. It is one of the Best Practices in digital marketing that can help a website, blog or company site rank higher in the search results on any search engine.

Several SEO strategies can help in achieving this goal. Various SEO tools and analytics are available on the internet which can be used to get higher search rankings. Another online tool to help with SEO is Microdata.

Microdata can help in boosting SEO

Microdata refers to the tags on a website through which the elements of the webpage can be identified. It is a great way to improve the search engine representation of the website on the results page.

One of the most popular microdata tools is Schema Markup.

Microdata is a preferred method for the search engines to show the users various websites based on the keyword they typed. It shows various websites in the results page based on the highlights of the websites and what the website is about by matching it to the keyword.

Schema Microdata can help in telling the users the content of a webpage. Moreover, search engines can mark up the web pages in concern and divide them into different categories. Once a user types a keyword in the search bar, websites defined by proper microdata pops up before the user.

This is in fact, another great way to boost Search Engine Optimization.

Understand how marketing funnel has changed

Digital marketing funnels or Conversion Funnels have evolved drastically over the years. Before the internet era, it was a simple step by step procedure that involved:

  • Awareness:

Creating awareness among the people about the business

  • Interest:

Generating interest in the people through marketing

  • Desire:

Pushing forward the highlights of the business which makes them desire the product

  • Action:

The result of all of the above steps is the action of the consumers, that is, they buy the product.

But now this funnel is becoming less popular and has been taken over by marketing loops. Today, marketers believed that leads can enter at any stage and the consumers barely make the decision to buy a product themselves. What the customer thinks and wants cannot be predicted anymore.

Moreover, because of social media, the customer enters the funnel without the business even connecting with them. Before a company tries to advertise a product to its customers, there is a strong chance that they know about it already through third parties and might have decided to buy it.

Digital Marketing is a vast area and always have room for development. What works today might not work tomorrow. It will keep on growing and evolving.